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KBP Lab | Stanford

Welcome to the Kim Butts Pauly Lab!

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We are a laboratory studying novel therapies using focused ultrasound, a versatile technology with many applications including treating neurological diseases and cancer. We use image guidance to better plan, monitor, and evaluate treatment efficacy as well as to understand basic science mechanisms. By leveraging our own lab's scientific and engineering expertise and working in collaboration with other labs, our goal is to improve these focused ultrasound therapies as they become more commonly used in the clinic.

Mechanistic Study of Ultrasound

Ultrasound neuromodulation has shown promise as a therapeutic tool for the nervous system. We are studying the mechanisms of this emerging technique in mice and other animal models to allow clinical translation.

Transcranial Ultrasound Planning

As ultrasound propagates through the skull, the bone heterogeneously reflects, refracts, and attenuates the ultrasound waves. We are developing tools to visualize the ultrasound focal spot inside the brain using MRI.

Transcranial Ultrasound Simulation

To account for the aberrations caused by the skull when using a phased array transducer, we are developing a simulation method based on deep learning to simulate transcranial ultrasound in real-time.

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